About Us

About the company


The Rejuvention Company is a family-owned-and-operated business specializing in all-natural, USDA certified organic probiotic beverages for 39 years.  Every batch is carefully made by hand and sampled at every step of the production process to ensure that every bottle going out the door is consistently of the highest quality.

About the brand


We strive to provide great tasting products that customers rave about. Using organic ingredients we keep our products consistent. Today the product is available in many locations throughout California and by mail-order outside of the state.

About our Location


The Rejuvenation Company was born in the San Francisco Bay area and continues to have a huge presence there. In April of 2019 production and management moved to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in South Carolina. In its new home, The Rejuvenation Company can continue to scale and service both the East and West Coast.



early years

Dennis Campagna started the Rejuvenation Company in 1980 by selling the now hugely popular Rejuvelac probiotic beverage drink. He started off making small batches based on the instructions of a natural foods guru in San Francisco, Ann Wigmore. As demand increased, Dennis started mass producing Rejuvelac and supplying it through distributors in the bay area. As it grew in popularity more stores began carrying it and  many people added Rejuvelac to their weekly grocery list.

HUGE growth years

During the early 2000's after being in business for 20 years, The Rejuvenation Company had grown in size and volume and began looking at other probiotic drinks. Dennis' brother Jerry and nephew Chris joined the family business and the Campagna family starting looking at Kombucha as an additional drink to add to their offering. They looked at many different ways to make Kombucha with different flavors and bottling styles. They started off with the original flavor but grew to the 5 flavors we have today. By 2010, Rejuvenation Kombucha was a huge hit in the bay area with the Rejuvenation company battling to keep up with demand. 

Jerry Campagna brought with him to the company extensive knowledge of manufacturing and automation and was able to add machinery to the production process for the first time. With automation, capacity rapidly increased to fulfill the new found demand. Chris Campagna complemented Jerry nicely by being the operational manager the company needed to take the company to the next level. The company proceeded to expand into new markets on the West Coast with a focus on Southern California.

San francisco staple

As both Rejuvelac and Rejuvenation Kombucha became staples at the local grocery stores in the bay area, the Rejuvenation Company began starting to age the Kombucha to give it a wonderful and distinctive taste profile. Rejuvelac being offered in both 8oz and 32oz sizes also broadened the market giving customers more choices at the cooler.

new ownership in 2019

In March of 2019, after 39 years, the Rejuvelac and Rejuvenation Kombucha brands switched hands under the newly formed "The Rejuvenation Company LLC." The new company is taking these classic brands and is planning new products and flavors based on them. Now based at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in South Carolina, the Rejuvenation Company will be able to service both the East and West coast with these amazing products.

Our Two brands



An effervescent, sweet-and-sour tonic created by a unique fermentation process that utilizes a culture of beneficial bacteria. During fermentation this culture consumes the other ingredients, resulting in a refreshing beverage.


An original drink made from fermented wheat sprouts. Rejuvelac is jammed with probiotics and is 100% natural USDA organic.