The Rejuvenation Company

Rejuvenation Kombucha



Original Classic Kombucha taste. Refreshing for an all around fermented tea experience. 



How can you go wrong with Ginger? The smooth taste of this Kombucha with a distinct and powerful Ginger "kick" make this a great Kombucha to try if you've never had it before.



Kombucha and Pomegranate juice, what could be better? One of our most popular flavors that defines what a Kombucha tasting experience should be like.



If you like fruity, this Kombucha has a sweet Mango taste that won't let you down.

Super Foods


Yes it's green. The Super Foods Kombucha flavor is made with Wheat Grasses and Spiralina giving it a distinct "Super Taste."

More about Kombucha


What is kombucha?

Kombucha is believed to be thousands of years old and to have miraculous healing powers. It 

is an effervescent, sweet-and-sour tonic created by a unique fermentation process that utilizes a culture of beneficial bacteria. During fermentation this culture consumes the other ingredients, resulting in a refreshing beverage.


History of kombucha

The origin of Kombucha and exactly when it was first brewed is not completely known or agreed upon.  Regardless of the exact origin or exact start date, it is known that Kombucha is at least two thousand years old and continues to be used in many cultures all around the world.  The first written record of Kombucha comes from China in the year 221 B.C. during the Tsin Dynasty, where it was called the “Tea of Immortality.”  Between then and now Kombucha was introduced to and continues to be used in Japan, India, Mongolia, the Himalayan Region, Russia, Germany, Poland, Denmark, and many other countries around the world.